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Avatar Arena

Avatar Elemental Escape

Avatar Fortress Fight

Avatar The Last Air Bender Aang On

Avatar Treetop Trouble

Back at the Barnyard Carpocalypse

Back at the Barnyard Karate Kow

Bikini Bottom Bop Em

Bikini Bottom Brawlers

Block Party

Bob Blobbed To The Brim

Bob Mega Meal Memory

Booyakasha Blitz

Breadwinners Punch It B

Breadwinners See The Difference

Breadwinners Ultimate Robot Battle

Casa De Dora

Danny Phantom Action Jack

Danny Phantom Freak For All

Danny Phantom Fright Flight

Danny Phantom Portal Problem

Danny Phantom Sort My Jigsaw

Dark Into Light

Diego Underwater Adventure

Donnie Saves A Princess

Dora Alphabet Forest Adventure

Dora and Friends Legend of the Lost Horses

Dora And The Lost Valentine

Dora Christmas Carol Adventure

Dora Ice Skating Spectacular

Dora Magical Mermaid Adventure

Dora Spooky Forest

Doras Pegasus Adventure

Doras Royal Rescue

Dr Cockroachs Microbe Wrangler

Fairly Odd Defenders

Fairly Odd Parents Big Super Hero Wish

Forever Red

Fowl Play

Ginormica Size Rider

Grand Sand Fortress

Hardest Game Ever

Harvey Beaks Pe Choo

Heist In A Half Shell

Industry Escape

Jellyfish Jumble

Jimmy and Timmy Power Hour 2

Jimmy Neutron Alien Invasion

Kung Fu Panda Enter the Dragon

Lights Out Patrick

Loco Motions

Mean Clean Zombie Brains

Megazord Rush

Messin with Noodman

Mia and Me Hidden Letters

Mia and Me Spin Puzzle

Mikeys Day Off

Monkey vs Gorilla

Monkeys On A Mission

Mystery Mansion

Nick Football Stars

Nick Racers Revolution 3D

Nick Wacky Racers 3D

Nickelodeon Kingdoms

Nickelodeon Soccer Stars

Ninja Turtles Comic Book Combat

Ninja Turtles Foot Clan Clash

Ninja Turtles Throw Back

Ninja Turtles Turtleportation

One Million Wishes

Paw Patrol Snow Slide

Paw Some Panda

Pest of the West Showdown

Planktons Patty Plunder

Power Rangers Never Surrender

Power Rangers Robo Knight Flight Fight

Prank You Very Much

Protect The Valley

Republic City Run

Rocket Monkeys Sort My Jigsaw

Rocket Monkeys Spin Puzzle

Sandys Sponge Stacker

Scary Godparents

Shimmer and Shine Genie Palace Divine

Shirleys Revenge

Sparky Ball Bounce

Spongebob Barnacles My Face

Spongebob Best Day Ever

Spongebob Bikini Bottom Bust Up

Spongebob Bikini Bottom Defenders

Spongebob Bumper Subs

Spongebob Cardbored

Spongebob Delivery Dilemma

Spongebob Dutchmans Dash

Spongebob KahRahTay Contest

Spongebob Next Big Adventures

SpongeBob Perfect Pizza

Spongebob Pizza Toss

Spongebob Quest Pants

Spongebob Return to Monster Island
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